An exhibition that opens up two worlds as different as they are fascinating

Art and science

A powerful synergy designed to attract those who are curious about art, science or both


A visual artist at the service of these two disciplines

An artist who transmits them in a poetic and challenging way


A presentation of trees from an artistic and scientific perspective

Trees, a universal symbol; trees, essential to our future given our environmental problems
The work of visual artist Anne-Lise Saillen – small and large formats, in the second and third dimensions, in a wide variety of techniques – is in dialogue with the various scientific aspects discussed. The latter can take different forms (brochure, leaflet, panels, etc.). Look at the artist’s work 

One objective

To have an impact on the public of all ages, in their capacity for wonder, leading them to make a personal commitment here and now, to the environment
An interactive part invites visitors to do so in a concrete way. Discover it